Flow variables not showing in Variable Expressions/Java Edit Variable

This seems like a bug. A flow variable produced by the previous node does not show in the next node’s list of variables, a Variable Expressions node. It’s also missing from the Java Edit Variable node list of variables. Specifically:

Outgoing node (Table Row to Variable) creates flow variable “HoursFromLastDate”.
Screenshot 2024-01-11 22.12.14

The new flow variable shows up after executing the node in its Variable Output table and it has a value (21).

But the flow variable does not show in the next node, Variable Expression. It is not listed under “variables”

Same happens if I replace Variable Expression with Java Edit Variable. Still not listed.

Hi @harrytuttles

If you copy paste the images into the textbox when replying they will automatically upload. I’d guess there is something misconfigured so the screenshots or even a workflow would definitely help :wink:

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I see that you managed to get them uploaded :slight_smile: The issue is here the field is of type long. KNIME is not very good with it. It’s not really a bug rather a missing feature which has been open for a quite a lengthy time.

I’d say you are better off converting it to another datatype (like int) that is supported.

PS: In cases like this, a double flow variable connection is not required :wink:


Thank you. Can’t beat the good ol’ “It’s not a bug it’s a feature” ha ha… Anyway thank you for the quick response!

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lol, @harrytuttles , it reminds me of some Microsoft documentation on VB3 back in the late 90s for what I would have considered to be a bug concerning default OK buttons on a form:

This behavior is by design. This design is being reviewed.


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