Installing extensions error


I am trying to install some new extensions and drag/drop doesn’t work. When I go to file > Install Knime extensions, I get this error:


Is this an error on my side or is something down at the moment? Is it possible to download the extension manually? (I cannot see any option to download, only drag/drop and copy link). Thanks!

Hi @JWebb

This has been reported, you are not the only one :wink:

@gab1one More users reporting the same issue.

Ah, good! Well, good that it’s not only me (especially as I’m not an admin on this machine!). Not good there is a problem :slight_smile:

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Hi @JWebb,

We are currently working on fixing this issue, in the meantime take a look at this workaround:


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Thanks Gabriel. I have marked your response as the resolution for now as it offers a workaround and the problem is known and being investigated.


I have a knime of 4.7.0 platform, unable to update the extensions.


Can you please look into this?

Thanks & Regards,

Hi @gokarana_1977

Pleae have a look at the post from @gab1one just above yours. It’s a KNIME issue and they are working on fixing it.

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We have found the solution for this issue, take a look here:

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Amazing, it worked :smiley: Thanks to you and the team!


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