Issues installing Knime AI Extension

Hello Knime community, I am new to working with the tool, and I have a problem installing the Knime AI extensions.

  1. KNIME version 4.6.3
    02 Steps applied:
    02.01. Go to MenuPath: File\Install Knime Extensions
    02.02. Select Knime Labs Extension
    02.03. Click Next, then Click Finish

Warning outcome indicates: “Problem Occurred” ‘Installing Software’ has encountered a problem. A error occured while installing the item:

An error occurred while installing the items
session context was:(profile=KNIMEProfile, phase=org.eclipse.equinox.internal.p2.engine.phases.Install, operand=null → [R], action=org.knime.product.p2.actions.ShellExec).
ShellExec command exited non-zero exit value:

Would you please assist me on this. Thank sin advance I will appreciate your kind support.

Best regards,

Beto Espejo

Hey @betoespejop

Unfortunately the KNIME AI Extension was not available for v4.6, and can’t be installed into prior versions to my knowledge.


As @iCFO outlined,

the KNIME AI extension exists only since KAP version 5.1, see

Best regards


Hi guys.

I just checked my version KAP, and i have been using KNIME 5.1.1, However, it still doesn’t allow me to download AI Extension, I still have the same problem.


Try downloading other extensions and they work correctly, check the path length, the proxy, among other things.

maybe there is a way to download the AI ​​Extension, outside of the tool?

I appreciate if you have another idea to try.
Best regards

Beto Espejo

@betoespejop if you are behind a proxy you might want to check this thread:

There is a ticket to address this (AP-20960)


Thanks for updating! This is a different issue now.
On your 5.1 installation, could you try to obtain error logs as described in this post and also see whether the knime log has some more insights?


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Hi @steffen_KNIME

I attach the log of the error that I get when I try to download the AI ​​extension.

I appreciate if you can help me with a solution.

can you please obtain the error logs as described in the first link of my previous post?


Hello Steffen, I am attaching the error log when trying to install the AI ​​extension.

Thank you for helping me solve this issue.

I don’t see much here and you also did not send the create_env.err file, but the create_env.out, is that correct? Is there none?
The interesting part might be

warning  libmamba Extracted package cache 'G:\KNIME\bundling\root\pkgs\llvm-meta-5.0.0-0' has invalid url

And I assume that is an proxy issue. As @mlauber71 pointed out, a solution will be implemented with AP-20960. The ticket has been resolved already and will be rolled out with the next release (5.2.0), probably in December.