Keyboard Shortcut fixes for out-port views

Having the Node Monitor window open dramatically slows the speed of work and navigation due to the delay in populating data before it allows you to perform the next task. With assignable keyboard shortcuts for more output views it would offer us instant access to data output of nodes so that we could forgo the use of the Node Monitor altogether and speed up our work.

Also, a simple change to the right click menu would allow us to bypass this issue via macro easily and access any number of output ports. There currently isn’t a consistent approach to naming Out-Ports. If you could add the output number before those descriptions, then it would be easy to select any of them by keyboard shortcuts or a right click based macro.

Joiner Node Example:
Join result => 1-Join result
Left unmatched rows => 2-Left unmatched rows
Right unmatched rows => 3-Right unmatched rows

I have not noticed any other right click node options that start with a number, so this should make them instantly accessible by macro or at least 2 keyboard shortcuts away.

Control-Shift-F10 (or Shift F10 depending on windows version and keyboard)
Then the number of the output you want to open.
Then we come to the difficulty of closing the window by keyboard shortcut…

The keyboard shortcut of ALT+F4 to close the open windows is not friendly in Windows 11, as the F4 key variations are used by the system to select programs to shut down by OS. Perhaps you could change it to Alt+F1 or something? This is a problem for all windows, nut just out-port views.

Of course it would be great to just change the interface so that the Node Monitor was not required to populate prior to the next action, but these shortcut options would be great in the mean time since a larger system change would likely be a much longer term programming fix.

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Just wanted to add that if you are a fellow macro user, then you can close popup view windows in the meantime with the keyboard combo of “Alt+f”, then “c” to access the close option under the file dropdown.

Hi @iCFO,
I agree that shortcuts support is a crucial factor to speed up program usage, once one is an experienced user.
Again I can’t promise anything, but I am together with you looking forward to the KNIME Modern UI bringing more support in that direction! In the meantime, your valuable feedback will definitely be heard.

Let me also point you to the big KNIME Modern UI Preview forum thread, constantly monitored by the developers to get feedback and new ideas.



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