Knime Blog Post: Outdated and likely broken Workflow linked


I recently read this quite interesting blog post.

I noticed it contains a few outdated nodes and unnecessarily complex solutions so I decided, also to fully understand the workflow for self-educational purposes, to update it.

However, the Strings to Document Node keeps failing with the following error which makes little sense as no URI is used in the nodes configuration.

ERROR Strings To Document 5:568 Execution failed in Try-Catch block: Cannot invoke "" because "fileUrl" is null

Another post described the same issue but not really a solution … just brute-forcing via full reinstallation:

I also noticed the recent post from September, 11th 2023 (this year) links a workflow which was published on February, 28th 2020. More than 3.5 years ago.


PS: I just found this thread.


Hi @mwiegand ,

Thank you so much for posting your query on the forum. I recall seeing a similar post fairly recently. Below is the link:

Hope it addresses the issue.


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