I am having hard time executing the files that i added.Error i am having is following Execute failed: The following columns are not contained in all source files: [Sourcesystem, Settlement Date Contractual, Trade Date, Scat Nam, Age Band, Age, Age Band 2, Debit Credit, Metr Cat, Line Item Typ, L5 Location, Ownership Code, L7 Group, L6 Group, L5 Group, L4 Group, L3 Group, L7 Owner, L6 Owner, L5 Owner, L4 Owner, L2 Country, L1 City, Legal Entity Key

So if i add files they have to be same field names?

Can you provide an example workflow, and maybe attach a few screenshots, that shows what you’ve tried so far? The description you’ve written is a bit hard to understand.

Hello i have 19 excel huge financial data files i am using excel reader and trying to combine but when i configure it it don’t give me preview because it has columns that are not contained in all sources …does it have to be same amount of columns in each file?i feel like if that dont give you preview that means we cant execute it also… i have attached the images hopefully it will help to understand…let me know

hi @ayesha_target
some links to forum threads that discuss this error:

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  3. Excel Reader Multiple Files Fails: Excel Reader Multiple Files Fails

hope this helps.


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