KNIME to replace SSIS?

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I’m looking to see if I can use KNIME to replace SSIS. I want to do more with KNIME but I’m hoping to use this as a use case to get the foot in the door. Can someone let me know where I should be looking for support?

At this point I’ve got a workflow that outputs to CSV the table that I want, however I’d like to get that table into SQL. What I’m looking is performing validation steps on the KNIME table, clearing the existing table in the database prior to insert and/or incremental insert (if value not in DB insert, otherwise skip row).

I think that the DB writer node is what I’ll need, but what other nodes should I be adding prior to this?

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Watch some videos

on KNIME and DBs.


@roblu001 another source and overview might be the:

And maybe these example workflows

Here are some more examples using the standalone H2 database to demonstrate more database functions:

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Hello @roblu001,

SSIS is data integration tool while KNIME, although extensively used for ETL, is a data science tool.

Check this topic (and links in it) for more:

Besides what is mentioned in above topic(s) there are two important things to note:

  • KNIME Database extension received a lot of improvements lately. First it was rewritten and from then continuously improved with new functionality. It’s not impossible to see more “data integration” features within KNIME in future
  • With KNIME Analytics Platform, as opposed to SSIS, there is no built-in scheduling option. For more on KNIME workflow scheduling and automation see here

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Hi there,

I am using SSIS and KNIME simultaneously at work. I think KNIME has a couple advantages over SSIS and is quite capable as an ETL Tool (and more).

I am not sure how you want to do the insert exactly, but I can tell you how to clear the table prior to the insert. Use the SQL Executor Node prior to the insert and use the TRUNCATE TABLE statement.


Regarding the sheduling: You can use the Execute Process Task in SSIS and run a workflow with it. The SSIS package can then be sheduled and executed with the SQL Server Agent. In this scenario I recommend to work with try and catch in KNIME and a timeout in the the Execute Process Task.

Another option would be the nodepit runner (a sheduler for KNIME workflows) or to wait a little bit, I heard KNIME is working on something as well.


Hello @e2dboden,

My boss had this same idea a day ago and I told her that although it should work it feels somehow wrong to schedule KNIME workflow with SSIS :sweat_smile:


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Another option would be the nodepit runner (a sheduler for KNIME workflows) or to wait a little bit, I heard KNIME is working on something as well.

I’m pretty sure what KNIME has is KNIME Server, but just for scheduling you could also go with a cron job or a Windows scheduler record to launch the KNIME workflow in question in batch execution mode.


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