Model simulation with Tableau and Knime

Hi everyone,

I am wondering if it is possible to not just write data from Knime to Tableau, but also write back data from Tableau to Kime.
I want to use it for example to make simultions and to adjust parameters in Tableau wich are then send back to a model in Kime.
Any ideas if there is a node for such a use case or an other option to realise such a simulation (maybe with a different tool than Tableau).

Thanks in advance.

Hi @ak288,

I’m not all to familiar with Tableau and there is no ready to use solution to read hyper files in KNIME, yet - there is a feature request though (see here or here) to which I just added a +1 from you.

Other than that, you can export the values from Tableau into a KNIME-Readable format (CSV, XLS(S), …). As mentioned here by @ScottF, you could also use the GET Request Node to directly pull the data into KNIME via the Tableau REST API. (The link there is broken now, try this one instead). You can also try your luck with e.g. the KNIME Python Node and the python code from this github repository:

Regarding other tools, do you have a KNIME Server (Medium or Large) at hand? With that you could build a DataApp that lets the Users input model parameters.

Hope that helps!
Kind Regards, Lukas