New user interface

Why are you guys fixing something which is not Broken.the New interface looks cartoonish and weird.

If it ain’t broken don’t fix it.

Hi @Kasomo and welcome to KNIME Community Forum,

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us. The new Modern UI is not a fix version of the classic UI. It’s a brand new UI. If you still prefer to work with the classic UI, you can always switch between the two UIs:

From Modern UI to classic:

  1. Click on the info page icon on top right (“i”)
  2. Scroll down and click on the “Switch to KNIME classi user interface” button

And from classic UI to Modern UI:

  1. Click on the “Open KNIME Modern UI” button on top right of KNIME workbench


lol. First post and here to complain.

I don’t like it either - I always use the classic interface. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like a working “dark” theme, though. It does not seem to work in 5.1.1.


I really appreciate everything that the KNIME team does for us. Their product is unique and has helped many people take their first steps in data management, workflow automation, and data science. I’m not sure why they decided to change the interface, but it seems like many users feel that it wasn’t the right decision. While the new interface may be easier for beginners and simple tasks, it’s not as suitable for serious tasks and experienced users. This has led some people to consider looking for alternatives. Additionally, the new version is not compatible with some add-ons and community nodes, and it doesn’t seem like many people are rushing to adapt their solutions to the new version.

I hope that support for older versions of KNIME won’t be discontinued. To be completely honest, choosing to stick with the previous version of KNIME instead of the new one is a wise, customer-oriented, and mature decision for the company. Even Microsoft has had to admit that some of their new versions and products were unsuccessful. We’ve faced this same problem and I believe that the KNIME team will make the right decision that will benefit both the company’s business and loyal KNIME users.

I have always been a big fan of KNIME - this platform has changed my life and my business. I hope that the failure with the new version won’t be too painful for the team and that we can continue our journey into the world of data science together with KNIME!


I did a video walkthrough with some KNIME staff a while back, and I think that there are ample opportunities for turning the current weaknesses into strengths as well as a serious desire to develop in the right directions. Will it be exactly the old version when it is done? No… Can be it be improved upon until it is better than the old version in a lot of ways? Absolutely!

There are plenty of opportunities to take the old Omni present cluttered UI windows and make them into larger intuitive pop up windows ready when you need them. Until those developments are ready, it is too early to put the nails in the coffin. (So to speak) :wink:


The Modern UI is not just a user interface for KNIME; it is an integral part of KNIME’s development. It utilizes web technology (Vue) to create the UI, which implies that in the future, there will be no need to install KNIME and users will be able to create workflows directly in the browser. Can you imagine that? It’s an amazing future.

Just be patient with KNIME.


Sorry, but in my opinion, this is anything but an advantage. For example, there are security concerns - the cloud is visible to everyone, even from afar. Considering that a significant portion of our users are pharmaceutical companies, we would need to separately approve the transition to a web interface. We are dealing with data, protocols, and standards, not just users and their subjective convenience.
E.G. I’m not allowed to send US patients data to EU data center. Will I be able to use KNIME in this case? Probably, yes, but I will need to have the approval of compliance department :frowning:

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You are great! I believe, and I am confident, that it is possible to improve the new UI while keeping the successful developments and ideas from the old version. I wish the development team good luck, and I hope that the management will have the wisdom to acknowledge mistakes and learn from them.
There are quite a few platforms that are interesting, easy to use, and intuitive. For example, there is Orange (, which was originally designed as a platform for beginners and students. When I was looking for a solution, I had to choose between the simpler Orange and the more functional, reasonable, and flexible KNIME.
It’s obvious that I chose KNIME :slight_smile: In a world where over a hundred companies are competing for user convenience and smooth interface in data management, KNIME offers a unique balance between ease of use and functionality. It brings together users with experience in Java, Python, C#, Go, and other programming languages, allowing them to leverage the strengths of any language and compensate for any lack of expertise in certain areas. They can quickly create workflows that solve tasks in just an hour, which would take days of coding in Java or Python.
In the end, what is more important to us - a smooth and user-friendly interface for developers or a more thoughtful integration with applications for end-users? Like MS Office, for example? Tons of questions about Excel per-formatting (solved, but not by KNIME team) or export to Word (yet tricky), Power Point (even more tricky but still possible). You would agree that the popularity of the adapted Crystal Report among KNIME users is not particularly high. There are hardly any questions or publications about it. Guess why :wink:
Anyway, I believe in a bright future for KNIME and remain a loyal customer. It’s just that something went slightly wrong somewhere :slight_smile:

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The possibility I’m talking about is something attached to, say, the KNIME Business Hub. I believe you also have internal networks, internal services and so on, so I don’t think the kind of security you’re talking about will be a problem in the future.

It’s nice to have user feedback, but you can actually search the forums, and the past few months have seen too much feedback that users are not used to the new interface. To be honest, I’m not very comfortable with the new interface, but I think it’s too early to conclude that “management will have the wisdom to acknowledge mistakes and learn from them” in the current situation. As you see, the KNIME guy have been actively receiving a variety of user feedback in the community.

Anyway, just use classic UI, try something new when you have time(modern UI does have a lot of highlights), and be patient with KNIME :beers: :beers: :beers:

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Full disclosure on my side, I only play around in the new UI when helping people on the forum to keep up with changes. I have to wait until a few of my efficiency boxes are checked before I can make the jump to modern UI as my primary.

I use a lot of external hardware controllers for speed of work, so the fact that it rolled out without full keyboard shortcut integration really tied my hands out of the gate. I won’t go into my longer list. Everything is already on KNIME’s radar.

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Wow, what’s that? It seems interesting!

Hey @HaveF - You have just hit on a pretty deep (or at least long winded) subject. :rofl:

I use hardware / software macro controllers to manage the UI, place nodes, paste a preconfigured nodes (or a series of preconfigured nodes), enter standard expression syntax for commonly used statements, the list goes on and on.

At some point I will ramp up my YouTube channel to start delving into the subject of software / hardware efficiency hacks for KNIME and other business software platforms… Here are some pictures.


@iCFO This is the most surprising post I’ve seen today. What is the device in the top left corner of the second photo called? The compact keypad feels great, reminiscent of Classic UI, while the Stream Deck has a Modern UI feel. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Btw, I didn’t find your youtube channel.

Thanks for sharing your hardware! I like it :heart:

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This looks like an incredible setup for building workflows, or possibly, running front-of-house sound at a concert. Or both :sweat_smile:


@iCFO okay, now that is pretty darn cool. I never thought I’d see a KNIME ↔ Stream Deck integration!

If only my MIDI keyboards were wired up so that I could “compose” KNIME workflows by playing my synthesizers…


Be careful what you wish for @sjporter… I know how to make that happen! :wink:

There are actually midi to keyboard shortcut conversion software tools, and shortcut to advanced macro software tools.

I am open for any further challenges. :rofl:

I have a recording studio in here as a hobby, so you hit in my wheelhouse a bit. This thread has officially gone off the rails from the subject line.


@HaveF - The device on the top left is called X-Keys. It has been around for a long time, and I have been using them for a decade or so. Very flexible on the macro writing and editing side, but Streamdeck made it almost obsolete (with a few use case exceptions) in my book because LED screens / Profiles / Folder levels allow for so much more functionality. I keep this one (and a few smaller for travel work) because they are already dialed into the specific tasks required to quickly build out custom sales presentation apps which boost averages / profitability.

Nothing posted to the YouTube channel yet. I need my workload to get a bit less hectic in order to put some time towards it.


Holy crap, dude. That’s a sweet setup. :sweat_smile:


Thanks @EvanB - It goes soooo much deeper as well. Here are some software only examples.

I also use my hardware controller to toggle on and off Dragon Dictation which I also use to enter pre-defined expression / code snippet starting points, trigger macros, etc.

I use ”Ditto” clipboard manager to allow me to copy and paste a series of values, and can drop in / attach / execute a prep component and a connected Table View (local) node which the macro toggles to the “always on top” setting that generates a unique list of all values / key relationship / column names / expressions segments in correct format for the Rule and Column Expressions nodes. The “always on top” setting gives me live data copy and paste functionality into Config windows instead of being locked into manual entry.

Tons more going on with my mouse and keyboard customization / click interception software for hot key and macro triggering.

Also some really cool macro tricks for seamless interacting with ChatGPT / GPT4ALL inside and outside of KNIME.

Every time the user clicks a button in Stream Deck, it generates a new MIDI file and sends it to the nearest synthesizer? :wink: