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I am working on creating a workflow in KNIME Analytics Platform to predict accuracy for the next month from a given dataset using the Predictor node. However, I am uncertain about the expected results. Please suggest a workflow design with configurations.

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I assume you want to predict “achieved” for the next month. How large is your data set? This could be a non-trivial problem if there is seasonality in your data. Finally, if you can upload your data it would be a lot easier to get help.


@tqAkshay95 you might want to start by reading these two threads from the forum and think about what variable would be your traget and which variables would actually predict the outcome (target) and if you have any chance of deriving one from the other.

Here you have some small examples from the forum for example about predicting unemployment numbers for the UK; with all the proper warnings why this might be a futile endeavour:

If you decide to go for a time series approach here is a collection of resources how to to that:

If you go full regression (numeric target) here is a collection of methods and metrics in KNIME:

But maybe you first want to tell us more about the data and your task and if possible maybe upload it (without spelling any secrets of course).


Thank you. Please find the attached Excel file with data. I’ve been trying various approaches, but I’m confused about the actual output. Could you please help me correct this?

marData.xlsx (3.8 KB)

@tqAkshay95 this will not be enough. This data will not enable you to have a decent model I assume. Maybe you can take another look at what I wrote and provide additional information.

I agree with @mlauber71

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Single Exponential Smoothing (SES). Results would probably wide of the mark without Trends or Seasonal Factors included. Maybe just assume prior year value?
Just trying to be pragmatic here!
@mlauber71 probably said everything

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@mlauber71 What type of data is needed? Can you provide a sample?

Hello @takbb, @mlauber71 , @rfeigel, @Daniel_Weikert can we use this type of data to design a predictor module? Please check the following Excel file and provide a solution.

marketing_data.xlsx (14.0 KB)

@tqAkshay95 I think you will have to tell us more about the data, the task and what it is you want to do. How many entries are there, what is the target variable, what does it tell us. Also you might benefit from taking a few courses on data science and model development in general (Learn data science with resources for all learner types | KNIME).

Also: the file seems to contain personal information so I took the liberty of informing the moderators.

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