Optimization subject to constraints

Hi, I’m a newcomer to Knime, and was used to solve problems with Alteryx. While I did find some Optimization nodes set, I was not able to find how to solve a standard linear programming problem. While LP kind of problems share some similarities with mathematical optimization, because both look for maxima or minima of an objective function of a certain number of variables, a linear programming problem differs by doing that under a number of constraints, each of them being also a function of the problem variables. Are there those possibilities on Knime nodes too?

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Hi there!

Currently in KNIME there is no dedicated nodes for linear programming. As a workaround you can use R or Python integration within KNIME.

Considering you are coming from a Alteryx feel free to check this topic:


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Are you talking about something like this:

Fun with Numbers.knwf (35.8 KB)


Hi @JScheidegger,

I also come from using Alteryx Designer, hope this can help you and/or you can help update this tool mapping sheet: