Overlapping labels for x-axis in boxplot

I have a similar issue than here but with the javascript boxplot

Maybe an option to rotate the labels could help ?

Hi there @l.thomas,

there is already a ticket for this and I have added your request to it.



In case here is a dirty workaround: the tick-label can be rotated using the css editor with

text.knime-tick-label {
	transform: rotate(20deg);

The problem is that the label are cropped if they extend beyond the canvas but it is still more readable than horizontally.


why if I add the specifier “knime-x” the modification doesn’t work at all? The syntax is:

.knime-tick-label {
transform: rotate(90deg);

and this affect the rotation of the both axes labels (x & y) if I add the specifier knime-x

.knime-tick-label .knime-x{
transform: rotate(90deg);

the instruction doesn’t work anymore on both axes! I don’t uderstand!