Pls Help - vital Node bug - “KNIME Spatial Processing Nodes”

I have put about a year of work into some Knime workflows – but a vital node has stopped working. Of course, this comes at the worst possible time.

I’m using the “KNIME Spatial Processing Nodes” extension. After doing an update to Knime 4.4.1, the “Shapefile reader” node no longer works – it says ‘Execute failed: (“NullPointerException”): null’ when given (previously-working) shapefiles to read.

I have tried both downgrading to 4.4.0 and reinstalling 4.4.1 – but I get the same result. There was an earlier Knime nightly-build fix for this issue in 2016 (see link below).

Can anyone please help?

The “KNIME Spatial Processing Nodes” extension is detailed here:
Earlier Knime Nightly Build fix (2016) -

Hi @ptwilson,

I got good news for you, I have been working with the author of these nodes (@cthoens) to get them ready for 4.4.
The updated version is already available from the nightly community update site:



Absolutely wonderful news, Gabriel! Many thanks from the south of the planet - to you and @cthoens.

I’m working with many digitised maps, and having a way to bring them into Knime completely transformed what we could achieve. Potential to help shape and advance research, social insights and benefits for years ahead.

Sincerely, thanks for your work.


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