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Good evening guys, how are you ?

Can someone help me with this script, I can’t run it. Does anyone have any suggestions, I would like to bring information on distance and travel time based on the addresses I have.

@Gabriel2020 it seems your Python installation is not working. Best you check it out following these hints:

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@mlauber71 know where I can find my python api key?

@Gabriel2020 I think you might need a Google specific key

And I would recommend checking your python setup

@mlauber71 Could you record a video or send prints of how I can configure it ??

@mlauber71 this is the new error that presents

Not sure what your line 17 looks like but you probably try to index sth which does not exist. I would recommend printing your intermediate steps and see for yourself what output you get. This makes it easier to debug

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@Gabriel2020 maybe you could provide us with more details about your workflow.

If you encounter a problem you also might want to ask a question in the KNIME Forum. To do that: read how to write a good forum entry or ask for help, then provide a sample workflow and maybe provide a detailed log file.

Were you able to check your Python installation? You might have to familiarise yourself with the way the Python nodes handle their in and outputs. Not sure what type of data your script would create.

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