Re-execution feature for all KNIME Widgets that provide input for Webservices (DataApps)

Hi everbody,

we realised that in KNIME 4.5 only a few Widget nodes offer the new re-execution functionality for webservices (DataApps). There is no re-execution feature implemented for many nodes we widely use in webservices, like:

Unfortunately, this leads for us to a feature we were hoping for since many years and now we can barely use it, since the user does not understand why some inputs trigger re-execution and others not. For us, thats not user friendly enough. By the way, the Refresh Button is not an option for us, since the user/customer is expecting what everywhere else (JS, Rshiny and Python based websites for example) is normal since a while.

As example I have found this overview of some of the features Rshiny offers Shiny - Widget Gallery

Our standard use case for 1 page webservices is 1. variety of settings → 2. calculating mathematical model in R or Python based on these settings → beautiful customised plots showing the result. If any change is made anywhere in the settings the model and its plots are recalculated live and shown.

In order to be more flexible, it would be a great additional option in the re-execution tab to set the time how long a widget waits after an user input to trigger the re-execution…

I would like to ask the KNIME community if we are the only one with these expectations and if not to vote for them to tell KNIME its needed asap for others as well. I will have my fingers crossed for KNIME version 4.6.1

Many thanks in advance.


I think this deserves an official answer from us at well, however I wanted to give the community a chance to discuss this first. This is super valid feedback, and we are definitely working on adding the reexecution capability to more nodes.

Btw. thank you for adding the Shiny Link, i did not see how they make these decisions beforehand and it will be very helpul for us when designing the reexecution of the other Widgets.


Dear Iris,

thanks a lot for your feedback. Although it looks like we are the only KNIME user with that wish, we highly appreciate the efforts to implement the reexecution feature in all your Widget nodes.

Many thanks in advance!

One more thing,

we tried using German Umlaute together with the re-execution feature and realized that during the first run in KNIME it works fine and after the re-execution weird letters are shown. Is that behavior general and known?

For example the label text of the Single Selection Widget:

‘Dies ist ein Text der hat ÜÄÖ’
is reformated during re-execution to
‘Dies ist ein Text der hat ÜÄÖ’

All the best,

Hi Lars,

does that issue only come up in KNIME Analytics Platform and not on the WebPortal? And are you using KNIME 4.5.1?
Then that may already be fixed in 4.5.2 (UIEXT-112 in the changelog).

Should 4.5.2 not fix the issue, could you share an example workflow to reproduce the error?

Kind regards

Hi Marvin,

many thanks for the quick reply. I am glad to hear the error is fixed already, but we have just moved to 4.5.1. I just tested it in a small WF on the Server as well and it looks like the problem does not occur there under 4.14.1.

All the best,

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