SQL Server to Knime Connection

Hi, I’m trying to establish a connection with SQL Server but I get this error, I’m not really clear what is the hostaname, if someone can explain me would be very helpful, thanks.

See if those links help with your issue

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Hi @slunah , and welcome to the KNIME Community.

Hopefully the links that @izaychik63 had posted will be of assistance. To help answer your specific question, the hostname is either the computer name or IP address of the server where the SQL server database is running. If the database is running on the same machine that you have KNIME installed, you can generally use “localhost” or the IP address

If it is running on a remote server, you will need to use the network address (IP address) of that server machine.

Hi @takbb , I have tried with localhost and the IP address, I have TCP/IP enabled on the SQL Server but my error is still the same and the user and SA are correct and as far as I saw the port was 1433, I don’t understand what could be wrong.

Hi @slunah, did you check this specific post on @izaychik63’s links.

Odd though it seems, I suspect that your SQL server isn’t configured to listen for connections, and this needs to be switched on.

Yes, indeed the listening port was not 1433 but 1434, thank you very much.


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