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I am still a beginner so my apologies if this question has already a documented answer.

I am using a python script that I would like to integrate in Knime. it takes a directory of txt files in input, executes multiples transformations and send the output in another directory. Then the output is used in another Knime workflow.
Can I call this script without using the python script node? I have seen the external tool node but it doesn’t seem to be the right node.

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Hi @mmeseure -

You could try using the Bash node, which is part of the KNIME NGS tools extension.

The syntax in the node configuration would be something like (assuming Windows OS)

cmd /c python

You might have to play with the path a little bit depending on your system configuration. Hope that helps.

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Hi there!

Why you want to avoid Python scripting nodes in KNIME?


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Thank you, the Bash node works perfectly!

Because I would need to change the pandas version and I don’t have the direct access rights.

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Makes sense :slight_smile:

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