Using workflow credentials inside components

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How can I use workflow credentials inside components?

I need to specify database username and password in workflow credentials or workflow variables. The problem is that workflow credentials are not accessible inside components. Also it is not possible to overwrite passwords with flow variables.

Any solution?


One workaround would be setting username and password as workflow variables and then using the Credentials Configuration node to create the credentials by setting default username and password using flow variables.

But I’m still wondering how to set workflow credentials and use them inside components.


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Hi @armingrudd

the workflow credentials are a quite old concept of us, which we are no longer recommending. We are now having the Credential Configuration node for this purpose or the Widget depending where you want to deploy your workflow to.

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Thank you @Iris,

How about running the workflow in batch mode? Then How should the credentials be sent?
For now I’m doing what I suggested as a workaround. Credentials are sent as workflow variables and then the Credentials Configuration node generates the credential.

Is there a better approach?


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This is very vital for me. Before “new” db nodes lost their “lab” marker and “old” db nodes get “legacy” mark at the same time, I had a reliable way of configuring DB nodes. Yes, I used to have the configuration within components, I used to load connection parameters (including a type of a particular database) from external configuration file. Since I introduced new DB nodes to my workflows, I’m struggling almost continually.

Let me point some older topics addressing this issue

And finally:

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