Value of Python?

How valuable, in your opinion, is learning Python to compliment what I’m able to do in KNIME?

Mostly I am using KNIME for data preparation and business problem analysis, not doing much model building right now.

It really depends on what do you want to do with data and what tools are being used by your organisation.

In my previous job we used Python for automation as I did Data Science I was one of not many people using R not Python. It created issues when I was handing over automation scripts.

When I changed job I was not able to install R or Python (it would take forever to do DPIA - Data Privacy Impact Assessment).

So I had to adapt to tool used by organisation Knime.

It is great, clever, but I think some things can be done faster in R some in Python. Although, I have been using Knime only since December 2018)

Also over the time you will have to work with people from different backgrounds using different skill sets and having personal preferences.

Knime with Python and R nodes will allow you to pin everything nicely together.


Thanks @Longiwo for taking some time to provide your thoughts. I know my question was a bit vague. But your comments are helpful for me … some things are easier in Python, some things easier in KNIME. I probably just need to explore Python more and find out for myself which things might be easier or better in that platform. Thanks again!

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Hi there!

Considering you are doing data preparation and business problem analysis I would say KNIME is just about enough. If it gets complicated there are always KNIME extensions like Python and R which you can use so learning them offers you only more possibilities within KNIME and on your job. So I would say it is valuable learning Python to some degree depending on your use case, work and enthusiasm of course :wink:

Regarding Python and KNIME you can check this blog post:

Also you can search this forum on Python topics to check what KNIME users are using Python for :slight_smile:



Thanks for your insight and that blog post. Helpful! I will also search some more to find out what other users are doing with Python and KNIME.

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Python (and R) with KNIME can be useful if there are functions like LogLoss that are not (yet) present within KNIME and sometimes a task can be easier in Python than with a lot of KNIME nodes.

But as has been mentioned: you do not have to choose you can use both :slight_smile:

A few examples of use of Python:


Thank you! Thanks for the examples - very helpful. I appreciate the time you took to add the links!