Working with double monitor


I don’t know whether this question belongs here but I am having some issues working with a double monitor setup.

I use a desktop monitor as a secondary display with Knime and the laptop monitor (primary display) with other apps (excel, email etc.).

Some nodes configuration windows appear on the other monitor (i.e. not the one of where Knime GUI is open) and when I open a chromium window from the secondary monitor it get losts…

Any work around?


Hello @zioludo,

question definitely belongs here, no worries. Over the years have seen users experience issues you mentioned when using multiple monitors. Seems like combination of OS (configuration), HW setup and underlying Java can cause some troubles. Here I share with you three topics that might help you out to find a fix:

To my knowledge there is no one simple solution that covers all cases but rather trial and error approach. Good luck and feel free to share your solution so others who stumble across it can maybe benefit from it :wink:



Thanks! If I solve the little mistery I would put the solution here.

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