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I have 1000+ excel files. This files contains text, images that are links. I have to combine them.
I try but the images and links are lost.
It is possible to read excel files which contains images and links.

Example file
Sample.xlsx (70.4 KB)

Thank you

Hi @andrejz

Regarding the images there are several previous posts that have dealt with it: Open an excelfile with images and export the seperated images to files in a folder
export pictures from Excel xls or xlsx

I have quickly tried it on your Excel file, however there didn’t seem to be images in there?

Regarding the hyperlinks, seems that for this amount working with VBA would be the way to go and that is not something that can be easily implemented with KNIME: Excecute Excel Macro

So I am afraid the answer to your question is no, it’s not possible to read Excel files containing images and links in KNIME, sorry!

@andrejz actually you can use Python and OpenPyxl and KNIME to extract the images and save them in a subfolder as PNG files:

You will have to see if it does work with all images.

To have the results in an organised way they are in a sub-folder and carry the file name, the sheet and their cell the name. A list is also being provided.

In the subfolder there is a Jupyter notebook (kn_example_python_excel_image_extract.ipynb) to play around with the code and settings

kn_example_python_excel_image_extract.knwf (761.1 KB)


@SABAREESHS37 I have tried your Excel file with this solution and I think I was able to extract the images with their cell position.

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Sorry for the late reply.

As I can see all proposed solutions extract the images from excel but I don’t want that. I have to combine multiple excel into one excel file with the images in the original position.
I will check the proposed solutions and try to modify them.

Thank you all for your time.

Regards Andrej

@andrejz you can further try and use OpenPyxl to manipulate excel files (copy paste). Maybe best you provide an example that would represent your challenge.

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