Excel Formating


I’m having a problem with the way my xlsx. files are being exported.

I came across Continential Nodes for KNIME, but I can’t really find any YT tutorials to grasp the idea of how to implement it into my workflows. Has anyone maybe come across any?

I foremost need to learn, how to:

  1. Freeze the 1st row when I export my xlsx.
  2. Bolt the 1st row when exporting
  3. Assign in advance the cell/number/text width/height
  4. Assign colors in advance

Simply put, I’d like to automate these last steps of creating a basic statistical report on some data - the aesthetic part.

I tried playing a bit with Continential Nodes, but I think I lack quite some knowledge to learn it on my own. I found some descriptions of what different nodes do, but that wasn’t enough.

Is that to complex to learn and I’m one step ahead of myself? Cheers in advance!

@helpmeplease welcome to the KNIME forum. I am not sure there is a consistent introduction about the Continental nodes. I have not done much with them but it seems you have to grasp the concept of this “control table” it seems.

Then there is the free book “From Excel to KNIME” which also has a chapter about Continental nodes. This also might be a good pint to start understanding the concept.

the book is also available in other languages like German, Spanish and Portuguese:

Another overview about what is possible:

Then there is this collection of tutorials:

And there is an older FAQ


@mlauber71 thank you very much for a fast and informative response!

I appreciate the help!


Anybody arriving here in search of example workflows of using the Continental nodes for formatting Excel files, may be interested in this excellent demonstration workflow by @TosinLitics.

This should really help reinforce understanding from the above tutorial/documentation links and is a great “one stop shop” for show-casing the variety of formatting options available.


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