Knime-based machine learning course?

Working from home now with some extra time on hand, so I was wondering, if there’s a Knime-based machine learning course available?

A Google search brought up only a few hits, but all of those focus more on introducing basic Knime functionality/data wrangling (with which I’m reasonably comfortable) with only a small part of the course focusing on ML.

I started Andrew Ng’s Stanford ML course (just made it through the introduction so far), but this one uses Octave. Not sure, if it’s worth learning Octave on top of dealing with the ML stuff, and I’d much prefer something Knime-centric.

First there is the ML learning part of the official course of KNIME

Then you could check out the KNIME press if you like more reading about things:

This entry could also be relevant for you. It will also point you to the (free) Udemy course which also has a part on machine learning:

Then well I will point you to two entries about some automatic machine learning with the help of KNIME and R or Python an since I think this will become more relevant in the future and you would have at least benchmark against it if you are more of a end user and not a highly sophisticated ML developer:


Hi there @pipetman,

there are couple of options I’m aware of:

  • as part of Virtual KNIME Summit there are KNIME Analytics Platform for Data Scientists both Basics&Advanced classes

  • on Udemy there is knime-bootcamp

  • KNIME also offers online courses for data scientists. Check here for more

Hope you’ll find something suitable for you to learn data science together with KNIME :wink:



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