KNIME Modern UI Preview

I like the new interface but I think it would be better if it allowed:

1-Copy & paste nodes (or groups of nodes) as this can save a lot of time in some situations
2-adding labels or descriptions for nodes
3-dropping nodes onto the connectors to place the node between two existing nodes
4-an easy way to copy all values from the output of a given node (i used to just open the table, hit crtl+A and then crtl+C, but this no longer works and selecting the whole table manually doesn’t work as well for pasting into excel or google sheets



I love the first steps of this major evolution although it is not yet completely functional.
At first sight, here are some proposals for a future release:

  • Allow renaming columns from the preview panel by double clicking on the column name (a small visual symbol could indicate the column has been renamed - this would have the same effect as the column rename node
  • Allow sorting columns from the preview. Either one by one using small handles in col headers or by multiselecting columns. The multiselect and options to move to start/to end are missing also in the recent table manipulation node and would be handy in this context. Also missing is the auto-fill of the original name when renaming, as usually, the name is similar to original.
  • Allow column filtering from the new preview pane
  • Allow row sorting from the new preview pane
  • Allow row filtering from the new preview pane

I understand this could be a challange to keep the UI sleek with all this but it may be possible with some activation switches (to activate modifiers when needed) or by making it accessible when making the preview frame larger (higher).

It could also be handful to be able to:

  • activate some basic data profiling on demand (distribution, % of missing, nb of distinct…)
  • being able to isolate a particular table preview in a separate and persistant modal window so that it can be viewed in parallel with editing on a separate screen for instance

Another cool feature could be to have inline viewers.
Those would allow to view some simple aggregations results directly in the workflow editor without having to open or click on something. Could look like some KPI cards with just and (editable) name and a value. So many time I add some group by nodes that I need to execute and open to control the number of distinct values or some totals or average value…
We could even make it (optionally) auto-executable when input changes. Some auto-formating rules and automatic historisation of the n last values would also allow to highlight exceptions and trends.

What do you think about it?


Hello @takbb,

I agree with you on selecting node. In the meantime, you can use the great actions added by the Vernalis Extension : which are doing exactly what you are looking for (except the trick with the mouse that i’ve seen in another software …)



Hi, the ability to confront visually and to scroll easily over different tables like on the attached picture.

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great preview. I am missing “Available Renders” option for double values. Right now, all values are shown in full precision, which is great for scientific purposed, but of limited use in the business context.



It looks amazing. But you need to add the possibility to open other workflows. I guess that is just because it is a beta version. Also, please that one can modify the connecting lines. I am obsessed to put the lines that look as organized as I want.