Prevent nodes being placed exactly above each other


I faced, presumably like others as well, a super annoying situation where nodes, placed on the same grid knot/spot are not distinguishable.

As a consequence debugging is tedious and frustrating as no error, like „Error: Cannot to execute node xyz (#123) because of missing input data.“ or „Warning: Node abc (#123) is placed above node xyz (#456)“.

Latest discovered in:

Therefore, I‘d like to propose to either:

  1. Prevent placing nodes, when snap to grid is enabled, exactly above each other. Or …
  2. Implement some sort of console feedback as described above.


I have a feeling that point 1 is going to collide with the feature that you can drag and drop nodes on top of eachother to replace them.


Valid point but this was frequently the primary cause as the node was unexpectedly not replaced but placed atop.

I assume there might be a call / event being fired upon successful replacement. However there is also the scenario when an entire branch with multiple nodes is copy, pasted and placed. Unintentionally, one could easily oversee that there is an unestablished / missing connection.

Though, hooking into the assumed „successful event event“ another check could be triggered if nodes are placed in the exact same spot in the grid. Eventually even upon opening or saving the workflow as there are many check ls being carried out already.


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I’d like to come back to this. While working on:

The idea came to my mind to simply visually highlight colliding nodes i.e. by placing a red dotted frame around them.