Start a Workflow, e. g. a database query, after a certain time

You could absolutely combine the approaches, I would think.

Thank you @kienerj for pointing to this feature.

Another interesting function could be this component by @gab1one that would wait for a file to change. In order to bring this into a ‘looping system’ - some changes might be necessary. In my example I tried to do a small such system with generic KNIME nodes.

@kienerj which Loop-End-Node is the right one for this two Loops?

Have to figure that out yourself. Only really used one of the timed-nodes once. My comment bascially was: I know these exist, have a look maybe they help with your problem.

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Hello again,

I have built a workflow using @mlauber71 example for the WAIT NODE. I disconnected temporary the WAIT-NODE which waits for a file change (batch file / Windows task scheduling). The new workflow works, which means the DB query NODE restarts every time. Everything works so far, except for the output of the dashboard which is generated by the component node. I used to save the dashboard graphic manually as a *. html file ona Server drive after Execute & Open the view, which the employees can
then access. I didn’t find anything in the dashboard configuration where you can save this automatically.

With the New WAIT-NODE-Workflow

The open Component-Node

The Dasboard-Configuration in the Component-Node

Hello @mlauber71 ,

i´ll come back to your hint to use the Amazon AWS Service:

:thinking: :flushed:

2.5K Euro per hour is too expensive for only one workflow.

@USCHUKN1ME it is more like 2,574 EUR in german notation. More like two and a half Euros per hour …

And the actual number very much depends on how powerful the AWS server would be, if shared ressources would be OK for you (not shared data of course) or if you would need your own dedicated super-CPU with super-fast SSD …

Ahhh - correct :see_no_evil: :sweat_smile: - sorry for that mistake

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No problem. The question is always: is you business making as much? And if KNIME significantly helps your business some Euros might be OK …

We are at the beginning.
And the workflow described here is almost the first where automation is needed - without having a dient PC (my) constantly switched on.

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" Also you can use KNIME server with AWS and just pay what you use :slight_smile: "

Hello again @mlauber71 ,

is there an instruction on how to implement KNIME workflow in AWS in
the KNIME forum?

And i guess you have to use KNIME-Server too on AWS?

Or did you mean this way:

KNIME Executors are available on the AWS Marketplace as bring-your-own-license (BYOL) and pay-as-you-go (PAYG) allowing you to automatically and dynamically start up new Executors.


I am not aware of a detailed explanation but I use the KNIME server in an on site setting. But maybe @Iris or @ScottF can weight in and give some hints.

And I think @armingrudd has some experience with KNIME and AWS.

From what I see there is a free trial period so you might just set it up.

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@knime team
I would be interested in detailed Instructions for setting up Knime Server in Azure. So if there is any video,… doing this then please let me know
thanks and best

@USCHUKN1ME and @Daniel_Weikert -

I would encourage your to check out the KNIME Documentation for detailed instructions on getting started with KNIME Server in AWS or Azure:

Unfortunately I don’t believe we have step-by-step video instructions for doing this yet.

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“yet” sounds good. Looking forward to the day :wink:
Would love to see more videos on KNIME on your yt channel
Thanks for your answer
Appreciate it!

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