50% Grey Screen problem in 4.5.6 (Win 11 Pro)


I’m seeing the well-documented 50% Grey Screen problem on 4.5.6 (Windows 11 Pro). I had 4.2.2 installed when my system was Win 10 64 but uninstalled it some months ago. I had the same problem then and reported it:

I upgraded my system to Win 11 Pro and have just reinstalled KNIME (so used the default workspace) and have the same problem.

Like the last time this occurred, I switched to a new workspace (well the second one I created last time) and the problem resolved itself again.



Hello @gavhall

Thank you so much for pointing this problem out. After checking internally, it appears that this bug was fixed in version 4.3.2 (AP - 16147). This issue happens when workspace gets corrupted. Ideally, like you mentioned, switching the workspace fixes the issue. However, if possible please try the following with your old workspace:

  • Add a -clearPersistedState command on the top, in your knime.ini file. This file is located in the installation directory of KNIME. For instance C:\Program Files\KNIME is my installation directory.

  • If above doesn’t work, you can try deleting this file in your workspace directory:


The relevant forum questions around this problem are as follows:

P.S: There is no 4.5.6 KNIME version :slight_smile:

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